The stress of finding new quality Medicare coverage that is worth your money is sometimes time-consuming and complex. Most times, you are stuck in a cycle of repetitive phone calls and elaborate research before you grasp what options might be right for you.

We exist to help your transition to medicare smooth. NewMedicare focuses on the need to pair you with the right insurance plan. Be assured that for every health crisis you may have, we have got the right information needed for a concrete decision on what health plan fits you. 

When you partner with us, you’ll have peace of mind and leave with satisfaction as you will be paired with the exact Medicare coverage you sought. 

Our Process

– Make your inquiries 

The decision to get on a Medicare plan can seem daunting but with NewMedicare you are free to ask all the questions you need to clarify. Then sit back and watch us identify the benefits you need most and fit a coverage that fits. 

– Connect with an expert

We work with sales agents that are certified by both the federal government and insurance providers. Therefore, we assure only the best service.

 – Freedom to compare and choose a plan

Our partners have over 1000 selections of plans nationwide which you can benefit from. We will help match you with the best plan.