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Alicia Milford

Alicia Milford

Address: 4518 Tecumsah Lane, Shreveport, LA 71101

Phone: 318-904-0171

Profession: Insurance Advisor

University: University of South Florida

Alicia Milford is a renowned insurance advisor with a proven skillset in helping clients find a suitable health insurance policy. Currently, Alicia is an author and advisor at newhealthinsurance.com, creating succinct articles regarding the dynamic changes in health insurance policies.

Alicia has years of experience and a proven track record of identifying customer needs and creating the best health insurance plan for them. She has a degree in international public health from the University of South Florida, and she puts her skillsets to the best use in her occupation.

Initially, Alicia started out as a healthcare insurance agent, connecting prospective buyers to insurance companies. Over the years, she has shuffled plenty of jobs and settled as an advisor and writer at newhealthinsurance.com.

Her deep knowledge within the healthcare sector enables her to create valuable articles that help a massive audience seeking healthcare advice. Moreover, Alicia has previously worked as a senior editor and writer in a publishing firm that has helped her hone her writing skills. Little did she know that the same skills would later convert into a full-time job.

Apart from being an author on various disciplines, Alicia also pursues her consulting passion through freelancing, where she interacts with individuals of all backgrounds ranging from handicapped to low-income families, and finds health plans that best suit their needs, mostly in terms of affordability and special healthcare requirements.

In terms of achievements, Alicia has written for many well-known health magazines and newspapers and even edited articles for the New York times and Washington Post. 

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