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James Morgan

James Morgan

Address: 3591 Willow Greene Drive, Enterprise, AL 36330

Phone: 334-304-1704

Profession: Health Insurance Analyst 

Education: Yale University

James Morgan is a famous financial analyst who initially worked for the Goldman Sachs Bank investment division. He holds a master’s in finance from Yale University and a CFA charter which helps him in excelling the job.

James Morgan is nothing less than a finance fanatic. Over his experience of 20 years, James has worked in several banks as a senior analyst, where he developed reports and insights on stocks, derivatives, and commodities. Furthermore, he’s an active stock and crypto investor who analyzes market sentiments daily and grows a passive income. 

Over time, James has grown fond of insurance markets, especially their function. Hence, he has authored several papers on insurance sectors recognized by top magazines like CNBC and the New York Times. He has even shifted to analyzing health insurance markets, analyzing reports, news, and laws surrounding the industry, and deciphered the market’s insights.

John has recently started working as an author with newhealthinsurance.com, and he is particularly fascinated by the health insurance market – since every American needs it. His extensive financial skills, deep knowledge of the economy and financial sector, and analytical nature allow him to write valuable articles regarding health insurance that deliver sound insights to the audience.

Furthermore, his work as a health insurance analyst over the years has helped him learn about the big players and best companies surrounding the health insurance sector.

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