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Best Medicare Supplemental Health Insurance Plan Reviews in 2022

Best Medicare Supplemental Health Insurance

Medicare supplement plans, i.e., Medigap, are perfect if you want to lower your out-of-pocket healthcare costs for a low premium. However, Medigap consists of ten different plans, denoted by a different alphabet, making it difficult to choose a suitable plan. But don’t worry. We’ll help you out by breaking down the best Medicare supplemental health insurance plan.

Let’s start with finding you the right plan.

Medigap Plan Types

As mentioned above, there are ten different types, denoted by A-D, F, G, and K-N. Each of them differs in coverage for various out-of-pocket costs. Let’s briefly go over each one.

Type A

It has the basic coverage, which only covers the copays and coinsurances.

Type B

Type B offers the same coverages as Type A, with the addition of Medicare Part A deductible.

Type C

Besides covering Part B excess charges, Type C covers extended payments, including deductibles, foreign travel, and copays.

Type D

Type D is similar to Type B, with the only addition of foreign travel coverage.

Type F

It’s the best of all since it covers everything and you don’t have to spend a dime.

Type G

This plan is similar to Type C, with the only difference being that it doesn’t cover Part B deductibles.

Type K

This plan comes with limits, covering 0% deductibles and 50% of copays/coinsurance. However, the maximum out-of-pocket limit is $6,620 on type K.

Type L

It’s similar to the above, but the provider pays 75% for copays/coinsurance. Moreover, the out-of-pocket limit is $3,310 on Type L. The only notable perk of these plans is that they have the lowest premiums.

Type G

Except for deductible and excess charges, the plan covers every payment. However, Type G covers up to 50% of only Part A deductible expenses.

Type N

It’s the best low-budget plan, and it has the same features as Type G, with the only difference being that Type N covers 100% of Part A deductible. Speaking of budget, if you’re a social security recipient, you can have your benefit fixed under the Medicare hold harmless provision ruling.

The Best Medicare Supplemental Health Insurance Plan Reviews in 2022

Now you have a comprehensive view of each plan. Let’s find out the best Medigap plans in 2022.

Type C and F

You don’t have to spend a dime on out-of-pocket costs with Plan F, except for the premium. Type C is also similar, except you have to pay only for Medicare Part B excess costs.

While these two are the best, you should note that types C and F are only available to Medicare policyholders enrolled before January 2020.

Type G

Since there are restrictions on Type C and F, Type G is growing popular. You only need to pay the Part B deductible of $233, and the plan will cover other payments.

Type N

Type N is the most comprehensive coverage at the least premium – the main reason it’s famous. So, if you need something affordable yet effective, this is for you.

Medicare Advantage vs. Medigap

Both are different. Medicare Advantage plans are a consolidated plan alternative to Original Medicare. You get Part A, Part B, and even Medicare prescription coverage at a low premium in a Medicare advantage plan.

On the other hand, you should have Medicare Part A and B to enroll in Medigap. Moreover, the Medicare savings account option might not be open to contributions since that option is only available with a high-deductible health plan.

Parting thoughts!

After going through the best Medicare supplemental health insurance plan, you might have a little know-how about suitable Medigap plans. So, want to reduce your out-of-pocket costs? All you need to do is to accept Medicare supplement plans.

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