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All You Need to Know About Changes in Medicare in 2022

Every person in this universe knows that 2022 has been nothing but a painful year where mostly suffering has taken its grip. You can sense changes in Medicare in 2022 after the application of older adults for health insurance. This health insurance diapered Plan C and Plan F. Medicare initiated [...]

Does Medicare Cover Telemedicine for COVID?

The coronavirus pandemic is causing disruption globally. Due to the nature of the disease, many businesses and individuals are suffering. Social interaction among individuals decreases because they avoid their friends and relative due to the constant fear of contracting the virus. Even going shopping for basic needs is becoming a [...]

Policies for Attained Age vs. Issue Age of Medigap

The policies of Medigap come in three different types. The policies supplied by other health insurers are issue-age, attained-age, and community-rated. Community-rated policies are perhaps the easiest to grasp. They add most Medicare recipients into the same category. You pay the same rate as other individuals that reside in your [...]

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