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How Lighthouse Keepers Help Older Adults through Their Services

lighthouse keeping services for elderly

If you have a question in your mind about Lighthouse keeping services for the elderly let’s see what it is in detail. Lighthouse keeping is a kind of service provided by lighthouse Keepers. It is a unique service that helps older adults stay in their homes by assisting with daily tasks.

 Lighthouse Keepers offers various services, including laundry, housekeeping, and meal preparation. There is no concerns to qualify for older adults transportation service with Medicare because they also provide transportation services, such as taking seniors to appointments or shopping, and help with household management, such as organizing their belongings.

 Lighthouse Keepers believes that providing these services can help older adults stay in their homes and communities longer. Lighthouse Keepers is an excellent option for older adults who want to remain in their homes but need help with basic tasks. In this blog post, we will learn more in-depth about light housekeeping and how a senior person gets help from this kind of service

What is Light Housekeeping Service for seniors?

Everyone’s health and well-being are impacted by their living environment, but seniors spend most of their time at home especially. Seniors may not be able to clean their houses as frequently or thoroughly as is required. In-home caregivers may help with light housekeeping, giving you or a loved one the support you need to keep your home tidy and healthy and one important think skipped here is sometimes caregivers can help seniors with physical therapy at home.

Why is Housekeeping Helpful for seniors?

The truth is that many senior citizens struggle to maintain their houses tidy and clear of clutter. This is merely a result of the fact that as we become older, our bodies aren’t as capable of engaging in as many physical activities as they were when we were younger. 

Elderly people may find it physically taxing and even unsafe to perform tasks like vacuuming, dusting, washing toilets, and floor mopping. In reality, seniors may be placed in assisted living facilities when personal care and domestic chores become an issue simply because elders may need daily living assistance with household activities.

In addition, as we already noted, many older people could be reluctant to leave their longtime residences. Families, especially those with older children, may find it challenging to strike a balance between what the senior wants and what is best for them.

There is, however, no cause for concern. Seniors who find it difficult to complete household tasks might get the help they need from house cleaning services. The stress of maintaining a tidy and functional home can be greatly reduced by a home cleaning service. 

Senior citizens might prolong their homestay by using a housekeeping service. Seniors can now choose from a wide variety of other types of house cleaning services as well. Elderly parents’ children can select customized services that best suit their parents’ needs. 

A decent house cleaning service may make a big difference because no one wants to witness a family member living in an untidy or dirty home.

Senior Housekeeping Services Information

Although there are many different housekeeping services available to seniors, the major reason to invest in such services is to allow seniors to stay in their homes for a longer period of time while making sure the home is safe, clean, and comfortable. The qualities listed below are shared by senior cleaning services, all of which should ease your mind about your choice to engage housekeeping assistance.

Cost of Housekeeping Services for seniors 2022

The cost of a home cleaning service is a major consideration when deciding whether or not to employ one.

 The vast majority of older citizens in the United States depend on fixed incomes, which frequently don’t allow for cleaning services. 

Housekeeping service providers are aware of this problem, too, and the majority provide customized quotations based on the precise cleaning services their clients require. 

Additionally, the cleaning firm should provide you with a variety of payment options and payment plans, making them economical senior housekeeping services.

Many elderly people only want weekly yard mowing or laundry services. Others favor doing the dishes every day. 

Or perhaps your senior loved one would benefit from signing up for a thorough spring cleaning or twice-yearly cleaning by a crew of expert cleaners. 

The price of housekeeping varies greatly based on the tasks that must be completed. Seniors are free to ask for as little or as much housework as they would like.

lighthouse keeping services for elderly

Are Housekeeping Services Safe for the Elderly?

It is understandable that some family members are concerned for their senior loved one’s safety when a stranger enters their house to perform home cleaning services. Seniors themselves can be leery of these circumstances. What happens if this new person is a thief? 

Will they take special care not to damage priceless heirlooms while they are cleaning your belongings? Can I urge them to switch up their cleaning techniques if I don’t like them?

These are all frequent worries seniors, and their loved ones may have when considering hiring a housekeeper. 

These worries are understandable, but they can be quickly allayed by choosing a home cleaning service provider who can show proof that all of their personnel have been thoroughly vetted and have had their background checks cleared before being officially hired. 

Asking for reviews of the home cleaning services that past customers obtained from that business is another approach to put your mind at ease. 

Additionally, you can read reviews posted by customers about the housekeeping service you’re thinking about online. 

Remember that the majority of cleaning services go above and beyond to ensure the security of senior clients by taking all required measures throughout their hiring procedure.

Common senior Light Housekeeping Services Include

The phrase “light housekeeping” is frequently used while searching for assistance with senior cleaning. However, what is light housekeeping? 

It’s easy. Simply put, light housekeeping is that. Instead of doing extensive cleaning, it’s about taking care of oneself and bringing peace of mind. Let’s simplify it even more. The following DO constitute light housekeeping:

Following usage, cleaning the toilet, bathtub, and sink.
Bringing out the towels and running the bath
Towels and washcloths can be hung up to dry or put in the laundry.
Cleaning up spills and disinfecting surfaces.
Putting the dishes away after a meal
Changing the sheets
Removing surface dust
Maintaining indoor plants
Removing rubbish
Removing clutter
Putting drawers and closets in order
Vacuuming and sweeping the floors

Monitoring the fridge to make sure there is enough fresh food, checking medicine levels and reordering any that are running low. Cooking meals are all fantastic home care services provided to seniors.

Light Housekeeping Duties DO NOT Include

You can still take action even if you don’t necessarily have the funds to hire a service. Seniors’ housekeeping can be made easier by performing the following:

A furniture move
Scrubbing windows
Cleaning floors and carpets
Snow shoveling
Cutting the lawn
Leaf raking

House Cleaning Tips For seniors

You can still take action even if you don’t necessarily have the funds to hire a service. Seniors’ housekeeping can be made easier by performing the following:

  1. Use labeled containers or shelves in the refrigerator
Do you not understand how something works? To ensure that everything has a home, label the bins.
Ensure that each label is distinct and readable.

  1. Put nonperishables and canned products in stackable boxes or containers on your countertop.
On the neck and back, reaching for high cabinets might cause unneeded strain.
Moving these items onto counters will keep your kitchen’s décor orderly while also making them easy to access.

     3. Keep surfaces clean by taking precautions

Line your refrigerator with plastic food wrap, such as Glad Press’s Seal.
This makes cleanup simple and quick.

     4. Put other items in the dishwasher than dishes

Food items like salmon and potatoes can also be cleaned.
Shine up whatever you can, including air vents, window screens, bathroom accessories, and more.

    5. Cleaning up difficult-to-reach spots with a broom

To clean high areas, combine your broom with a cleaner.
Avoid back and neck aches.

List of Minor Housekeeping Tasks

Seniors who need light housekeeping services might get assistance in a variety of ways. They can clean each room in one of the ways listed above.

  1. Kitchen
Remove trash
Wash and put the dishes back where they belong.
Wash and dry the faucets and sinks.
Dishwashers or hand washing should be used to remove the soiled dishes from the sink.
Clean and sanitize the counters and appliances.
  1. Bedroom
Take out and replace dirty sheets.
Maintain a suitable temperature in the space.
Adapt the drapes and shades
  1. Bathroom
Clean, sanitize, and wipe the restrooms.
Showers and tubs should be lightly cleaned, rinsed, and dried.
Change used towels.

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