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Medicare and Medicaid are the two services rendered by the US government to their citizens. Since Medicaid and Medicare sound so much the same, people often confuse these terms and definitions. These two services, Medicare and Medicaid, provide different medical coverage to their buyers.

If we precisely discuss the two terms, Medicare renders its services to individuals aged 65 or above or disabled. The Medicaid program is designed for individuals who have limited incomes and can’t afford hefty medical bills. Furthermore, Medicare is available to those people who cannot get access to specific resources.

Here we discuss Medicare and Medicaid in-depth and figure out the difference between Medicare and Medicaid.

Medicare vs Medicaid


The Medicare insurance program aims to cover senior ‘citizens’ medical expenses ageing 65 or above. Medicare is responsible for all bill payments if one reaches 65 or above.

Moreover, individuals with certain disabilities can also avail of Medicare services. The Medicare program includes four parts, which are as follows:

  • Hospitalization coverage – Part A
  • Medical Insurance – Part B 
  • Medicare Advantage plans – Part C 
  • Prescription drug coverage – Part D 

Hospitalization Coverage (Part A)

Medicare Part A is responsible for the hospital expenses of individuals ageing 65 or above. To be eligible for Medicare, you or your partner should have worked and paid the Medicare fees for at least ten years.

Medical Insurance (Part B)

Those who are eligible for Part A also have authority over Part B services. The Part B services of Medicare include:

  • The doctor’s visit fees.
  • Medical tests.
  • Wheelchair expenses.
  • Outpatient surgeries.
  • Prevention measures, such as tests, screening, and flu shots.

Medicare Advantage Plans (Part C)

The leading private companies give coverage to Part C services of Medicare. Likewise, Part A and Part B services also get the benefits of Part C. Specifically; the Part C services include hearing, vision, and dental services to which Medicare gives its coverage.

Coverage to Medical Prescriptions (Part D)

For the individuals who have the facility of Part D services of Medicare, Medicare covers the prescribed drugs’ expenses. Also, they must pay the premiums and some other payments necessary by Medicare. People with Part A, B, and C would go for Part D only when they are not given medical drug coverage.


Medicaid is the assistance program designed for individuals who have limited employment and cannot afford the heavy hospital bills. This program is eligible for individuals of every age. People don’t have to pay even one cent for the covered medical services. Sometimes you have to make some necessary payment, or else everything is Medicare’s responsibility. Since Medicare is a federal-state program, so it varies from state to state. The state and the local government manages it. You can prove Medicaid eligibility if your employment is extremely low.

Many people still do not have a clear image of the difference between Medicare and Medicaid. So, this whole article will steer clear your confusion.

To conclude, there are situations where people get a chance and become eligible for both Medicare and Medicaid service. Certain individuals have income streams even at the age of 65 or above, and in that way, they enjoy dual coverage. In dual coverage, Medicaid is always a secondary coverage, and Medicare acquires the primary position.

Furthermore, to get the facility of Medicaid, one must prove its Medicaid eligibility. Only then can he qualify for it.

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