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Medicare Plans in New Hampshire: Find Your Medicare Plan Today

Medicare Plans in New Hampshire

Do you or a family member wish to enroll in New Hampshire Medicare? You are likely aware that you must be a legal U.S. citizen or permanent resident at least 65 years old. But are you aware of how much it costs or how you can enroll for Medicare plans in New Hampshire?

We’ve compiled a Medicare in New Hampshire guide to aid you with such issues. We have described what it is, its cost, and how to enroll. It makes no difference if you are in Concord or Conway. Our goal is to help people in New Hampshire get the most out of Medicare.

Medicare in New Hampshire: Details

The following data regarding Medicare trends in New Hampshire for the 2022 plan year was released by the CMS:

  • 315,070 people are living in New Hampshire who are enrolled in Medicare.
  • New Hampshire residents will pay $21.02 less per month for Medicare Advantage in 2022 than in 2021.
  • In 2022, New Hampshire residents can choose from 44 different Medicare Advantage plans, up from 39 the previous year.
  • Medicare recipients in New Hampshire are eligible to enroll in a Medicare Advantage plan, including those with zero monthly premiums.
  • You can choose among 12 unique Medigap policies in New Hampshire in 2022.

Original Medicare in New Hampshire

Original Medicare (Parts A and B) is open to U.S. citizens and residents 65 and older. Also, to certain younger individuals with disabilities or other conditions. Before voting in any state, you must be a citizen or permanent resident of at least five years.

Both Part A and Part B make up the original Medicare.

Inpatient hospitals, SNF, hospice, and home health care are covered by Medicare Part A.

Medicare Part B pays for non-hospital medical treatment, such as office visits, diagnostic tests, preventative care, and even home health services.

Part A of Medicare is often free of charge if you’ve worked for a Medicare-covered employer for at least 10 years (40 quarters). However, Part B of Medicare usually requires a monthly fee. Additional costs for beneficiaries when utilizing Original Medicare include applicable deductibles, copayments, or coinsurance for Medicare Part A and Part B services.

You should know that Original Medicare does not cover all the medical care you may require if you are a beneficiary in New Hampshire. Drug coverage, for instance, is typically not extended to self-administered pharmaceuticals, such as infusion drugs or chemotherapy meds, but rather to those obtained during a covered inpatient hospital or skilled nursing facility stay or in an outpatient setting. A separate Medicare Prescription Drug Plan enrollment is required to cover most other prescription medicines.

Many medical services, including those received when traveling outside the country, normal dentistry and vision care, and custodial care, are not covered under Original Medicare (for example, help with bathing or bathroom).

Right Medicare Advantage Plans in New Hampshire

Medicare Advantage (Medicare Part C) are private insurance plans that offer Medicare coverage and follow federal requirements. When you enroll in a Medicare Advantage plan in New Hampshire, Medicare gives the company that runs the plan a lump sum to pay for your health care. The company negotiates with doctors and hospitals to set up “networks.” You save the most money on your medical care when you use doctors and hospitals in your network.

Because Medicare Advantage plans in NH negotiate with network providers, they can often offer more benefits than Original Medicare. This includes services like benefits for your teeth, eyes, or ears. Some even offer wellness benefits like gym memberships, health incentive programs, or money to buy over-the-counter health products.

Why are Medicare Advantage plans only available in certain areas?

Since insurance firms construct provider and hospital networks, Medicare Advantage plans are geographically restricted. So, choosing a Medicare Advantage plan is usually based on where you live. During a “Special Enrollment Period,” you can choose a new plan for your new area if you move within New Hampshire or another state.

Affordable Medicare Advantage Plans in New Hampshire

In 2022, the average New Hampshire Medicare Advantage premium was $21.02.

All New Hampshire citizens have access to a no-premium Medicare Advantage plan. No-premium plans cover prescriptions. Some plans with no premium also cover prescription drugs.

Remember that if you live in New Hampshire and have a Medicare Advantage plan, you’ll still have to pay your Part B premium. So, when you choose your plan, it’s important to consider the premium you already pay and the possible costs of a Medicare Advantage premium.

Costs are more certain with a Medicare Advantage plan, one of its benefits. All Medicare Advantage plans limit how much you have to pay out of pocket. Your plan will pay for the rest if you spend more than this. Two of the ten basic Medigap plans you can add to Original Medicare to acquire supplementary coverage have a maximum out-of-pocket cost, while Original Medicare does not.

Medicare Supplement Plans in New Hampshire 

Before diving into a comparison, getting a firm grasp on the plan structure is important. Medicare Supplement plans, or Medigap, are government-controlled insurance programs with set parameters and premiums.

What does it mean to have a standard plan?

This means that if you’re looking for Medigap Plan G, you may browse around and find the same coverage regardless of which insurance provider you choose.

That’s the case.

Coverage under Medicare Part G is the same whether you get it from Anthem, Aetna, or any other Medigap provider.

It’s the law!

Medicare Supplement Plans in New Hampshire: Ways to Cut Costs

What is the cost of your New Hampshire Medicare Supplement plan? First, you should know that the benefits do not increase with increased costs.

Avoid paying too much!

Affordable medicare supplemental plans in New Hampshire: How Much Can New Hampshire Residents Save?

The first illustration of how much you can save appears below. Suppose you’re looking for Medigap Plan G.

Plans G premiums can range from one insurance company to the next. Even though the rates may be different, the coverage is identical.

For a man, 65-years-old, nonsmoker shopping for Medigap Plan G, we found the lowest and highest sample quotations from many states and displayed them for your perusal.

Here are the typical monthly premiums charged by “A” rated insurance providers:

  • Month-to-month Rates are as Low as $128
  • Monthly Rates, Highest Typical Average: $190

What a large amount of money you’ll be saving. A savings of $744 per year is achieved.

The advantages of investing in Plan G are the same as those of any other investment.

There is no discernible difference between the companies in terms of advantages; the only real distinction is in the cost.

New Hampshire Medicare Supplements: A Comparison

The pricing for New Hampshire Medicare Supplement Plans varies, but it’s vital to know that the coverage is consistent. You should examine plan letters from several businesses. Examine the Medicare Supplement Plan G offered by different insurance providers.

Premiums for Medicare Supplement insurance plans in New Hampshire vary amongst providers.

Plans with the same Medigap lettering are uniform. CMS (Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services) designed this safeguard specifically for people like you. By law, insurance providers cannot change the benefits of a Medigap policy.

Premiums, however, are not governed by CMS. Insurance premiums are revised annually to reflect business costs, including inflation, administrative expenses, medical payouts, advertising, etc.

Medicare Cost in New Hampshire: What Is It?

  • Original Medicare: Part A of Original Medicare rates range from $0 to $499. Also, Medicare Part A’s annual hospital deductible is $1,556. Similarly, Part B premium is $170.10 per month. You’ll need to pay a $233 deductible for Medicare’s Plan B.
  • Medicare Advantage Plans: In 2022, a Medicare Advantage Plan in New Hampshire will cost an average of $21.02. The first payment for some plans is nothing.
  • Medicare Part D: The cheapest monthly cost for Medicare Part D plans begins at $7.60.
  • Supplemental Medical Insurance, or Medigap: Prices range from $140 to $317 a month for a 65-year-old nonsmoking female in Concord with Plan G.

Medicare in New Hampshire: By Numbers

Original Medicare beneficiaries Average plan cost New Hampshire’s annual spending on each recipient Spending per recipient compared to the average for the country
241,480 Part A: $0 to $499 per month*


Part B: $170.10 **

$9,256 14% less


Enrolling in Medicare in New Hampshire: Tips

When comparing plans and assessing your coverage requirements, conduct as much research as possible to discover a plan that matches your budget and fits your needs.

  • Find out what Medicare options exist in your New Hampshire community. Utilize your zip code to determine available plans.
  • Inquire at the clinic or hospital about suggestions. Plan providers have a list of network-approved physicians and laboratories, so you should only investigate plans that cover your preferred providers.
  • Create a list of every medication you take. Drug coverage provided by Part D and Advantage plans in your area can be compared to this list to assist you in obtaining adequate drug coverage that will reduce out-of-pocket prescription payments.
  • Compare the plans using the CMS star ratings. A 5-star rating indicates a high level of service for local recipients in this ranking system.

Bottom Line

Medicare enrollment exceeds 300,000 in the state of New Hampshire. Many private insurance providers throughout the state offer a variety of Medicare Advantage and Medigap policies. Also, the average monthly premium for New Hampshire’s Medicare Advantage plans in 2022 has gone down. If you reside in New Hampshire and seek supplementary coverage, you can also choose from various Medigap plans.

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