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Senior Concierge Services That Medicare Covers in 2022

senior concierge services

Can seniors with Medicare health coverage policies get access to concierge services through their plans? Let’s see how Medicare senior concierge services work.

A person’s health is always the most important entity – that is why we eat and try to take care of ourselves regardless of any condition. Seniors are the most fragile healthwise, due to their age and reduced immunity but with Medicare expansion and their increased access to health insurance policies like Medicare, access to quality healthcare is guaranteed.

With this access, individuals can get the best services. However, access is not always the barrier to quality healthcare. Sometimes, even though you have insurance coverage, visiting the hospital might not be conducive or easy for you due to the time you’d have to spend there.

And although your health should always be a priority, this is a major hurdle for very busy businessmen. Hence, the need for concierge medical services.


Senior Concierge Services Coverage

Upon the payment of a monthly or annual fee, this service gives you direct access to your primary care physician. This means that with concierge health services, one can receive treatments and other health services faster than usual whether it is at home or the hospital.

Although concierge services sometimes offer extra benefits that are not in the typical Original Medicare plan, which consists of the Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B plans, it is quite more expensive than normal healthcare insurance.

Medicare might cover concierge services, but still, the membership fee would have to be sorted out by you. There are so many concierge services and not all are accepted by Medicare, so do well to confirm if the concierge service is well-approved by Medicare before you enroll.


More About Medicare Concierge Services

Medically, concierge services refer to healthcare platforms where the recipient receives healthcare services from a physician or group of physicians after paying a membership fee that’d cover the extra services you’d get from them.

Rather than making payments anytime, you visit the hospital, you just have to only pay the concierge fee and then, pay nothing on your consequent visits. This saves your time and reduces the stress of carrying cash.

With this fee paid, you can have access to some special amenities that are not covered by Medicare as well as home treatment in cases where it is medically required.

Also called concierge medicine or direct care, this program or health plan helps individuals get better health services, especially people who have to visit the hospital multiple times. Rather than queuing up for hours on the bid to make payments and all, you can simply visit your primary physician directly avoiding unnecessary bottlenecks because you’ve covered the payment already.


senior concierge services


How Medicare Covers Senior Concierge Services

It is a popular misconception that only the wealthy can afford concierge services due to their expensive nature. Well, as mentioned already, it is just a misconception.

Although concierge services are sometimes classified under the “luxury services” category, it is not that expensive when you have a Medicare coverage policy that can help cut down the expenses.

Categorically, concierge services target the wealthy class of individuals basically because of their busy schedules. However, older adults and some other categories might also require Medicare senior concierge services.

Medicare will always offer health insurance coverage for services that are considered a necessity to the recipient’s health. Hence, although Medicare would offer coverage, certain requirements must be met.

Generally, to benefit from any coverage via Medicare, an individual has to be first enrolled under a Medicare plan. However, even with Medicare coverage, certain other requirements must be met before concierge senior services coverage can be activated via Medicare.

These requirements might depend on the health insurance company and the specific Medicare plan the individual is part of. Since the concierge service is tailored towards giving the individual a better healthcare service by assigning a physician to a client, Medicare offers its coverage based on the services rendered.

There are different plans under Medicare with which one can pay for conception services. Here, we would talk about some of the Medicare plans that offer health insurance coverage for concierge services and how they operate.

It is good to note that the amount you pay for your conceive services depends on the Medicare plan that offers your concierge coverage as well as the services you require.

Notwithstanding, regardless of the plan concierge services generally help individuals closely as regards their health, especially in very intricate health matters.


Medicare Part A

Normally, Medicare Part A covers all inpatient expenses approved by Medicare but it has nothing to do with concierge services.

Be mindful of the Medicare plan you enroll for and ensure it has the services you require so you’d not have to waste money. As for the concierge services, Medicare Part A does not offer coverage.


Medicare Part B

Medicare Part B, an Original Medicare plan alongside Medicare Part A, would cover any concierge care as long as the doctor or health professional in question accepts Medicare. Also, it is required that the services offered are approved by Medicare.

How this works is, Medicare would pay for its 80% outpatient coverage through the Medicare Part B plan. However, the membership fee that would be required to benefit from the concierge plan would have to be paid for by you. It is after you’ve paid this membership fee, that you’d enjoy the concierge services.


Medicare Part C (Medicare Advantage)

The Medicare Advantage plan normally offers additional health service coverage and benefits that are not in the Original Medicare Plans A and B. This plan functions with the Medicare Part A and B plans but with extra coverage.

Just like the Part B Medicare plan, Medicare Advantage would cover the aspect that it is meant to cover and is responsible for while your concierge plan would cover the rest. Similarly, Medicare Advantage would not pay for your membership fee.


Medicare Part D

Also called the Medicare drug prescription coverage plan, this plan does not offer coverage for concierge senior services. It only helps in drug prescription coverage.


Medicare Supplement (Medigap)

As for this one, the Medicare Supplement plan is similar to Medicare Advantage in that it offers coverage for some services that are not covered by Medicare. However, Medigap, as it is also called, cannot go beyond its extra coverage to pay for your concierge membership fee.

Although Medigap would cover the Medicare aspect of your health insurance coverage if you’re enrolled, the concierge membership fee, you’d have to sort yourself.


Extra Benefits to Enjoy with Senior Concierge Services

Concierge services, with the help of Medicare, give a premium health experience. Although different concierge services might have their differences in services rendered, below are some of the extra services you can access via a good concierge service.

  • New patients would not have to wait for long periods during appointments.
  • You can have more than one appointment with your physician or multiple physicians on the same day.
  • This service permits you to spend a longer time with your doctor for proper examinations.
  • Depending on your location, your medications can be delivered to your home without you having to visit the hospital.
  • You can have direct access to your physician via email or telephone.
  • With the help of a virtual correspondent, you could prevent an unnecessary trip to the hospital.


Who Needs Concierge Care?

You might have experienced difficulties seeing your physician, booked appointments that would require you months to see a specialist and so on. Sometimes even when you get to the hospital after months of a booked appointment, you’d have to wait in the lobby for hours before you see your doctor. Exhausted, angry and frustrated, you can’t help but ask yourself if it was worth it.

This situation is more of a general frustration we all share whether you’re an adult, a child or an older adult.  Based on a recent American survey, individuals wait for about a month to see a new physician, when you consider the time you’d realize the number of things that might have gone wrong before the person eventually visits a specialist.

So if you ask me, I’d say everyone needs concierge care. However, not everyone can qualify or even afford it. Moreso, some need it more than others. Over the past few years, there’s been a large surge in the number of Americans that enroll for concierge services and other personalized healthcare services to ensure that they get the best possible healthcare.

Notwithstanding, seniors are mostly advised to enroll for concierge services alongside their medicare plan to save them the stress of joining long queues and standing for hours before they can receive healthcare service. Also, if an individual would have to visit the hospital frequently or the individual has a very busy and tight schedule then concierge service is also advised.


Cost of Senior Concierge Services

Normally, seniors and all other individuals that enroll for concierge services would have to cover 100% of their concierge membership fee themselves and Medicare would maintain its coverage.

This membership fee varies although it costs about $80 to $200 monthly that’s about $2,000 yearly. It could even be as high as $11,000 yearly depending on your plan and the services you receive.

Some practices might still even bill your health insurance company (Medicare) after you’ve paid the monthly fee while others might just collect only your monthly fee even though it’d be higher.

In cases where the physician does not accept Medicare, you’d have to pay additional fees. Below are some of the additional fees you might be asked to pay.

  • Physicians that do not accept medicare coverage mostly charge about 15% more than what Medicare would have charged for the specific service rendered.
  • Physicians can also charge you extra for certain services that are not covered by your Medicare plan.

Notwithstanding, it is good to note that a concierge practice that accepts assignments cannot charge you extra. And that is because it collects its payment directly from medicare and this payment will be done in the Medicare-approved amount.


How Important Are Senior Concierge Services?

Seniors encounter several challenges in their life, especially in their post-retirement years. Some retired aged people struggle financially and some others, or most of them, struggle to keep up with everyday activities. Nevertheless, we can be quite grateful that assistance for all the necessary activities is available and easily accessible with concierge services.

Seniors who make use of concierge services get the assistance they need to live independently and with that dignity they need to retain, you know. They (the concierge services) provide cleaning services, grocery shopping assistance, transportation support, laundry aid, home repairs, and upkeep among many other services.

Overall, these services are offered to these seniors who require a little extra assistance to age gracefully with peace of mind. Seniors can get the assistance they need from concierge services to live independently and comfortably too. Isn’t it great and all-important?!


Final Words

Seniors can benefit greatly from all of these tasks, but they can be overwhelming. Without help, many elders don’t know where to begin. They are unable to identify the appropriate individuals or find them.

Concierge services can assist and help matters by getting in touch with companies that are experts in this field directly. They then make arrangements for a consultant to visit the client’s house to evaluate any potential needs.

It’s quite a good idea and even more, very advisable to get a suitable Medicare plan that can cover for your to get concierge services, especially as a senior. Of course, as we’ve discussed, not all Medicare plans offer coverage for that, so you have to make sure you enroll with the right coverage policy.

Typically, a Medicare Part A plan or Medicare Part B plan which comprises the Original Medicare plan should give enough coverage for you to afford the senior concierge services you need.

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