Transportation for Older Adults with Medicare Plans

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As some people get older, it can be challenging to get around the city. There are several reasons for this. They cannot drive due to health or vision loss. Or they can no longer manage to own a car because of the cost of maintenance or insurance premiums.


If a person doesn’t have a way to get to their medical appointment, grocery store, social gathering, or anywhere else, it can affect their overall well-being.


Unfortunately, there aren’t many transportation options for older adults or people with mobility issues who don’t drive. Walking on busy streets, freezing temperatures or crumbling sidewalks can be dangerous. A city bus is usually not wheelchair-friendly, and taxi services are often expensive.


Depending on your coverage, Medicare may also be an option for transportation.

Older Adult Transportation Services Can Be Covered By Medicare Plan

As mentioned above, moving to and from the doctor’s chamber or other health clinics may be covered by Medicare, but it depends on your coverage.


Original Medicare (Parts A and B) will only cover transportation in certain circumstances, but it usually doesn’t cover expenses when it’s a routine trip from home to your doctor. Part A may cover emergency transportation services, and Part B may cover transportation if deemed medically necessary.


A Medicare Advantage plan may offer unique transportation benefits that will cover getting you to your doctor. Some may cover trips to your fitness center and trips to health care via Lyft or Uber. Which transportation services are covered will depend 100 percent on your specific Medicare Advantage plan, so check with the provider to find out what’s offered and how coverage works.

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