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Affordable Medicare Plans in Virginia: Get Free Quotes

Medicare Plans in Virginia

In Virginia, more than 1.5 million people are signed up for Medicare, and the number of plans is growing. Comparing the different plans is essential for locating the ideal plan. In this article, we’ll talk about how Medicare works, who can get it, how to sign up, and how to choose medicare plans in Virginia.

You’ll need answers to several important questions to maximize your Medicare benefits. What is the minimum age to enroll in Medicare in Virginia? How do you qualify for Medicare, and what are your options for receiving benefits? When and how can you enroll, if at all? How does Medicare Advantage in Virginia differ from Original Medicare?

Let’s get into the details of Medicare plans in Virginia.

Medicare in Virginia: Details

As of the 2022 fiscal year, the CMS has reported the following Medicare trends for Virginia state.

  • The total number of Virginians with Medicare coverage is 1,543,740.
  • Medicare Advantage monthly premiums in Virginia averaged $16.15 in 2022, down from $17.46 the previous year.
  • As of 2022, Virginia will offer 132 Medicare Advantage plans, up from 119 in 2021.
  • A Medicare Advantage plan, including those with zero monthly premiums, is available to all Medicare recipients in Virginia.
  • In the year 2022, residents of Virginia can choose from one of 12 unique Medigap policies.

Medicare Annual Enrollment Period in 2022

The leaves are changing color. Summer heat is starting to break. You know what this means.

The Medicare Annual Enrollment Period (AEP) is almost approaching.

The annual Election Period (AEP) is the opportunity to make changes to your health insurance plan. This Medicare enrollment season, also known as Medicare Open Enrollment, is your opportunity to determine whether or not your current Medicare coverage meets your current needs. Medicare Part D enrollment, Medicare Part A enrollment, or enrollment in any other Medicare program: if you feel something isn’t quite right, you can browse for a different plan.

How to plan for the annual enrollment time?

When will the first day of Open Enrollment be?

15 October

What is the last day to sign up for Medicare?

7 December

Medicare Plans in Virginia

Hospital care coverage is another name for Medicare Part A. Part A of Medicare is a federally-run health insurance program.

“Physician care coverage” is another name for Medicare Part B. Medicare Part B is a component of the Original Medicare program and Medicare Part A. Moreover, Medicare Part B includes the following:

  • Medicare surgery coverage.
  • Preventative care screenings.
  • Home health care expenses.
  • Doctor’s appointments.
  • Lab tests.
  • Durable medical equipment.

With Medicare Advantage, you can get Medicare Part C. Also, Private insurance companies provide Part C, which the Centers approve for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). It gives the same or more incredible benefits than Original Medicare (Parts A and B).

Medicare Part D is a program that helps pay for and reduce patients’ out-of-pocket expenditures for prescription drugs. CMS-approved private insurers offer Part D. MA-PD plans Private insurers offer Medicare Advantage plans that cover prescription medicines (PDPs).

These are some of the Medicare coverage decisions you might face:

  • Stick with just Parts A and/or B of Original Medicare.
  • Use a Medicare Supplement Insurance Application (Medigap) to supplement your Original Medicare coverage.
  • Join a Medicare Part D Plan that supplements your Original Medicare.
  • Switch to Medicare Part C from Original Medicare and keep all your current benefits.

Are you now trying to choose between Medicare Advantage vs. Medicare Supplement insurance?  Here’s what you need to know about the two kinds of coverage.

Medicare Advantage Plans in Virginia 2022

To qualify and enroll in Medicare Part C, you must have Parts A and B of Medicare and reside in the service region of the Medicare Advantage plan. There are few exceptions, but most older adults with persistent kidney failure who need a transplant or dialysis must remain in their Original Medicare. Your Medicare Part B premium must be maintained, and you may also be responsible for paying a premium to your Medicare Advantage plan.

There are two main selling points of Medicare Advantage programs.

First, Medicare Advantage plans must restrict your out-of-pocket expenses (coinsurance, deductibles, and copayments) for eligible treatments. To rephrase, once you reach your yearly maximum, your Medicare Advantage plan will cover all of your costs for covered services provided under Parts A and B at no cost to you. There is no such protection against high out-of-pocket costs in Original Medicare.

Second, most Medicare Advantage plans offer extras like routine eye care, routine dental care, wellness programs and hearing aids that are not included in Original Medicare. Medicare Advantage Prescription Drug plans are available, covering prescription drugs for those who qualify for Medicare.

Affordable Medicare Advantage Plans in Virginia

  • There are 132 different Medicare Advantage plans in Virginia for 2022.
  • In 2022, no Medicare recipient in Virginia will be charged a monthly payment for enrollment in a Medicare Advantage Plan.
  • Compared to 2021, when the average monthly premium for a Medicare Advantage Plan in Virginia was $17.46, 2022’s figure is lower, at $16.15.
  • In 2022, 43 Medicare Advantage Plans in Virginia will provide members with cutting-edge services like personalized wellness and health care planning, lower out-of-pocket costs, and rewarding and motivating initiatives.

 Medicare Plans in Virginia

Medicare Supplement Plans in Virginia 2022

Medicare Supplement plans in Virginia are the optimal option for Virginians who desire comprehensive protection in any circumstance. A Medicare Supplement policy among the 12 options will meet your requirements and price range.

Medigap policies, like the ones offered in Virginia, are similar to those offered in every other state that accepts Medicare. Medicare Part G, N, and F are accepted in the state of Virginia.

There are now 429,851 Medicare recipients in Virginia, with the majority enrolled in a Medigap policy. Considering that around 33.5% of all Medicare beneficiaries have a Medigap plan, you can begin to see the significance of these policies for individuals who truly require them.

Plan A B C D F G K L M N
Enrollees 2,522 2,788 7,448 1,086 259,379 90,245 1,877 807 13 32,083

Affordable Medicare Supplement Plans in Virginia

You must understand how many variables might affect your Medicare Supplement plan’s monthly premium. While benefits are consistent from state to state, your actual out-of-pocket costs may vary widely within the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Virginia’s Most Affordable Medigap Letter Plan Premium

Below are sample expenditures for a 65-year-old lady residing in Richmond, Virginia.

Plan A B C D F G K L M N
Premium $84 $104 $124 $184 $116 $92 $47 $80 $161 $69

Medicare Supplement Plans Under 65 in Virginia 

Medigap insurers in Virginia must provide at least one plan to Medicare beneficiaries under the age of 65, despite these individuals paying much higher premiums. Who can get Medicare if they are younger than 65? Those who have reached ESRD and have persistent kidney failure qualify for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI).

After two years of collecting SSDI benefits and Social Security disability payments, you become eligible for Medicare. One in eighteen Virginia Medicare recipients is younger than 65. Virginia has passed legislation to ensure these people have access to Medigap coverage. Although, the price is higher for those under 65.

The typical monthly premium for Medicare users 65 and older in Virginia is between $100 and $160. That’s more than the $400 to $650 that younger beneficiaries pay. At the age of 65, Disabled users are eligible for reduced rates.

Virginia law does not compel insurance companies to offer Medigap coverage to policyholders under the age of 65.

Medicare Part D Plans in Virginia

The Medicare Prescription Drug Plan is available to residents of Virginia. You can obtain it in one of two ways:

  • Get a separate Part D coverage on top of your Original Medicare.
  • Join an MA-PD plan to save money on your Medicare prescriptions.

You must select an MA-PD plan to receive medication coverage through your Medicare Advantage plan. Commercial insurance firms that work with Medicare make both options available in Virginia.

Medicare Part D plans in Virginia range in price, but you can find several with affordable monthly premiums.

Virginia Medicare Part D prescription drug plans:

  • In 2022, all Medicare recipients in the state of Virginia will be able to signup in a Medicare prescription drug plan.
  • In 2022, Virginia residents can choose from one of 23 different Medicare Part D plans.
  • Eight different Medicare Prescription Drug offers the Part D Senior Savings Model (Part D) plans in Virginia and reduce the patient’s out-of-pocket expense for insulin.
  • In the state of Virginia, the cheapest monthly premium for a Part D prescription medication plan in 2022 is $7.10.

What is the cost of Medicare in Virginia?

  • Original Medicare: Part A premiums for Original Medicare can be as high as $499 per month or as low as $0. Medicare Part A’s yearly hospital deductible is $1,566. The typical monthly premium for Medicare Part B is $170.10. Part B has a deductible of $233.
  • Medicare Advantage Plan: In 2022, a Medicare Advantage Plan in Virginia will cost an average of $16.15. A zero-dollar premium is available for some plans.
  • Part D plans: Insurance premiums for Medicare Part D typically begin at $7.10 per month.
  • Medigap plans: In Richmond, a nonsmoking 65-year-old female’s Plan G premiums might range from $105 to $349 per month.

Medicare in Virginia: By Numbers

Beneficiaries of Original Medicare Average plan cost Annual Virginia spending per beneficiary Spending per recipient compared to the national average
1,169,275 Part A: $0 to $499 per month*

Part B: $170.10 **

$9,231 8% less

Bottom Line

In conclusion, more than 1.5 million people in Virginia are on Medicare. Throughout the state, numerous private insurance companies provide a variety of Medicare Advantage and Medigap policies. In Virginia, the monthly premiums for Medicare Advantage plans in 2022 have fallen. If you live in Virginia and want extra coverage, you can choose from many Medigap plans.

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